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Dulux Accredited Painter

Dulux Accredited Painter


Dulux Accredited Painters have been recognised by Dulux as leaders in the Australian painting industry. Their commitment to quality workmanship, a professional approach and customer service is your assurance of a quality job.


Why choose a Dulux Accredited Painter?

Dulux Accredited Painters are specially selected based on strict recruitment criteria including workmanship and reliability. All Dulux Accredited Painters use Dulux premium paints, personally sign an ethical and professional standards document, comply with all safety regulations and hold a minimum of $5 million public liability insurance. It all adds up to a quality job that will add value to your home.

Skilled Painters:

Dulux Accredited Painters are specially selected by Dulux for their superior skills and their commitment to the painting industry. This commitment ensures that they engage in proper quality assurance practices.


Dulux Accredited Painters are reliable and will turn up on time or telephone you. Their reputation is important to them, another reason why they have been selected by Dulux.

Quality Workmanship:

Using premium quality Dulux paints is another indication that your Dulux Accredited Painter is a quality painter. The pride they take in their workmanship leads to a quality job and customer satisfaction.

Sustainable Solutions

Dulux Accredited Painters take care and responsibility for the environment:

  • Compliance with environmental legislation;
  • Compliance with air and noise quality guidelines;
  • adopting best practice waste management systems;
  • Safe and responsible clean up of brushes and paint equipment;
  • Clients have the choice of quality Dulux paints, such as Envir02 (TM) that contain almost no paint smells
    and less air pollution (upon request) .

Enviro2 Low VOC paints

Dulux Professional Enviro2 Low Sheen Interior Acrylic is a is low odor and low VOC premium paint, washable, hard wearing, new generation low VOC acrylic product that provides an elegant low sheen finish for interior walls in general living areas. With antibacterial and anti-mold properties, Dulux Professional EnvirO2 will help keep painted surfaces cleaner and fresher for longer by helping prevent the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. The low VOC and low odor formulation contributes positively to indoor air quality and reduced air pollution.


Why we use Enviro2 Low VOC paints.

You and your family’s health is important for us, we also care about our environment, by using Low VOC paints you can be assure you and your family are protected.

We can provide you with advice and information to ensure you make the best choice.


Here are the benefits to use Low VOC paints!

  • Premium washable water base.
  • No sell or odor
  • Antibacterial, anti-mold and mildew
  • No lingering fumes
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Good for environment
  • Fast drying
  • Non yellowing
  • Great for children’s rooms
  • Aesthetic appeal of low gloss level suitable for walls